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About Us


Sphereworks is owned by David Sim who has an interest in photography and converging technology. He began to look at advanced content for viewing images on computers.

Formed in July 2005 by David and Peter Stephens, the business is rapidly establishing itself as market leader. Our new style of imagery is designed for viewing high quality photography via the Internet and capitalises on the rapid acceptance of Broadband amongst domestic PC users.


Fed up with not having the best seat at the Game?.......

best seat

.......The answer is - Full 360º Immersive Photography.

At Sphereworks  our process involves taking between 8 and 10 separate images around a central point using a tripod and rotator. This means the image you see will be a true 360 representation of the interior or space you are looking at. It has many names such as virtual reality photography 'VR'. spherical photography, interactive photography, virtual tour photography, 360 degree photography, cubic panoramas, QTVR photography and immersive photography.

These images are checked in software including Photoshop and, then stitched together in software to form an equirectangular image. The equirectangular is then saved as a cubic file where it is mapped onto a grid for viewing through 360 degrees. More infomation on how we create these images can be found here.

These images can be cropped for print as a visually stimulating panorama or as headline banners as part of a new web site.


clapper bridge

The immersive image above requires you to have installed the Flash plugin. The larger images require either QuickTime or DevalVR. They should automatically install themselves, please allow it to do so. If nothing happens please click on the on of the logos at the bottom left of this page.



Creating situational awareness is a key part of our business, placing people in environments they have an interest in or want to look at, choosing a holiday destination for example.

A recent case study of the Rock House Hotel in Lynmouth has shown an increase of 5 weeks additional bookings for the first time in 5 years as a result of running a Sphereworks Virtual Tour for the past 12 months.

Customers like the ‘moving camera’ and the fact they can see where they will actually be staying and the level of accommodation on offer. Upgrades to the site this year will include Bedrooms and ‘Areas of Specific Interest’ to increase the visitor experience to this part of North Devon.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for spending some time visiting our website. I hope that you have enjoyed our work and found our photography to be visually stimulating.

Best regards,

David Sim

quicktime devalvr Flash


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