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We have three different quality options for our immersive photography ranging in price depending on your requirements. Quite often it is a good idea to offer both small and large images on your website depending on internet conections.

To view a Full Screen Image (high res)
on either of the following
DevalVR - Quicktime

The immersive image above requires you to have installed the DevalVR browser plugin. It should automatically install itself, please allow it to do so. If nothing happens please click on the DevalVR logo at the bottom left of this page.


Normal immersive image, around 500x300 pixels and between 150 - 500kb. The immersive image will have a cap covering the area at the bottom of the image where the camera has photographed the tripod while pointing at the floor.
Example: DevalVR - Quicktime

As above but carefull editing is done to remove the tripod from the bottom of the image.
Example: DevalVR - Quicktime

If you really want to impress people this is the image to go for. Total immersion in a full screen image, it almost feels like you are there. Image size between 1.5mb - 3mb
Example: DevalVR - Quicktime

Please note, we can also add tripod caps to the full screen images.

The example to the right of this page shows how both a small and large image can sit together quite well.

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