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Object and Sequence Photography

!! This is an interactive image !!
Click on the image and drag it to turn. Press F5 to refesh the screen and auto rotate again.

In addition to Immersive photography which looks inside a space, Sphereworks can also provide Object Photography which allows the viewer to see around an object. With the increase of products being sold on-line there is a need to be able to 'spin' a product around then be able to see it from all angles. The other use of this technology is Sequence Photography. This is basically interactive animation with photography. Ideal for product demonstrations without using video.

Click and drag the image of the camera shown on the right, you can look all around the image 360 degrees. It may take a few moments to fully load depending on your internet connection speed.

Laptop Object 360 Spin
Laptop Object 360 Spin
Small: Flash - QuickTime
Large: Flash - QuickTime
Lego house Sequence and 360 Spin
Lego House Object and Sequence Movie
Flash - QuickTime

Stapler Object 360 Spin
Stappler Object 360 Spin
Flash - QuickTime

Bricks Sequence
Bricks Sequence
Flash - QuickTime

Cooker Sequence
Cooker Sequence Movie
Flash - QuickTime

Bouncey Castle Sequence
Bouncey Castle Sequence Movie
Flash - QuickTime

Lyneham Coombe Object 360 Spin
Lynham Coombe Object Movie
Flash - QuickTime
Click here to open Lyneham Coombe Tour

Object and Sequence photography can also be provided as an animated .gif file as with the example below.

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quicktime devalvr Flash


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