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How do we do it...

The camera is mounted on a special panoramic head which is on a sturdy tripod. Once the camera is leveled with a spirit level 8 photographs are taken. Six around 360 degrees then one above and one below - as you can see in the images below. The image of the floor is taken hand held as if it was taken on the panoramic head you would see the tripod below. This image will be used later in Photoshop to cover the tripod.

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 Sky 08 Floor

The images are then stitched together with specialist software which produces an Equirectangular image, not including the floor as we deal with that later.

Equirectangular Image

This image is then processed with photoshop to correct any impurities such has glare or unwanted shadows. Next it is made into cube faces so that the floor can be blended.

Cube Face Cube Face Cube Face Cube Face Cube Face Cube Face

The handheld shot of the floor is now blended with the one with the hole in it and the cube faces are then turned into the 3d virtual reality image, known as a QTVR or immersive image. If the equirectangular image is required then the cube faces can be processed back to it to produce a really interesting and eye catching panoramic image. This is great for website banners, or nice images printed and framed. We have a number of these framed for sale on our website. Click here to view them.


Click here to view Full Screen VR Image

To view all the images taken at the Western Morning News HQ click here


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