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Virtually Dartmoor Full Screen VR images  

Virtually Dartmoor is a series of interactive visits to Dartmoor National Park which we provided panoramic and a selection of still photography for. The site provides the opportunity to explore aspects of Dartmoor's heritage through multi-media virtual tours, combining 360° panoramic photographs, the spoken word and archive photographs.

In a unique combination of oral history recordings and expert interpretation, Virtually Dartmoor immerses you in the culture and landscape of the Dartmoor National Park in the company of a variety of people who know it well; including local people who share their memories of the place, visitors for whom it has a particular interest, and experts who can describe its special qualities.

Please visit the Virtually Dartmoor website, click on the link below.
Virtually Dartmoor


Full Screen VR images (shown below)
The panoramic images that we provided to Virtually Dartmoor where all taken from full screen VR images, cropped to the websites requirements. The only project that we didn't take full screen images on was Higher Uppacott as we were using a lower resolution iPX camera at the time.

As the full screen images were not used for the project we have collected them all together below. Each page have links to there corresponding tour on the Virtually Dartmoor website.

Virtually Dartmoor



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