Progressive vs. Fixed Jackpots with Online Slots?

Are Progressive Jackpots Better Than Fixed Jackpots with Online Slots

Online slots machines have a lot to offer any person looking for an enjoyable and exciting way of winning at the casinos. It is the biggest prize that the casino payout in terms of cash during games hence it attracts a lot of players. Unlike in fixed casinos, you will get your winnings instantly, which makes it a good option for gamblers who want fast money.


Reasons why people would prefer progressive jackpots as compared to fixed ones

Progressive jackpots have smaller restrictions and thus anyone can play them without the need to play a certain minimum amount of money. Another advantage of playing these progressive slots is the no-deposit feature. This allows players to play more without having to worry about losing any money. However, all these advantages can't make progressive jackpots the better option compared to fixed jackpots with online slot machines. Below mentioned are some of the factors which lead to this decision:

First and foremost, it is obvious that there is an advantage of getting instant winnings. Depending upon the game mode chosen, some of these progressive jackpots have mega-dollars waiting for the winner. While it is true that you might not get such huge amounts right away, you can surely expect some money after some weeks or months of playing. As a result, it is easier to motivate players to play more and win even bigger prizes. Some players even claim that they have to double their initial investment in a short period.

Another advantage of progressive slot machine jackpots is that there is no house advantage. Every slot machine game differs from other slot machine games. Therefore, a jackpot prize can be won by every slot player. In a fixed jackpot game, the casino would allow only a specific number of chips to be played for a specific period. If someone wins the said prize amount then his prize will be added to the next jackpot prize.

Some may question whether playing a progressive jackpot is advantageous. Most probably, they would also ask how a player who plays just for the sake of “being entertained” can win a substantial amount of money. To answer this, let us look at the mechanics of the said prize. When a slot player wins a progressive jackpot, he gets to collect a substantial amount of money without playing a single hit. Hence, it is obvious that a player can easily play and win a large amount without spending any time on real play. This means that a person can easily relax and spend some time for entertainment purposes.


Online Slots: Stand-alone progressive machine is also a lot easier

few reasons why people would prefer progressive jackpots as compared to fixed ones

Playing a progressive jackpot through a stand-alone progressive machine is also a lot easier. In such a case, a player need not install any additional hardware. And because there is no requirement for the player to deal with the software during gameplay, one can easily use it for a long duration of time without facing any problems. Most of the online slot machines that use progressive jackpots do require the downloading of additional software, which is a time-consuming process. This is why most people prefer to play a progressive jackpot through a progressive slot machine. They can also play it even while waiting in line in the airport or while traveling.

However, all said good-bye. Playing these jackpot games through online slots is not as simple as it sounds. There are several things to consider before hitting the start button on any of these slot machines. Playing in these progressive jackpots is best compared with other slot machines because it allows one to win more instantly. However, what players need to understand is that the amount they would win from a single spin of a wheel is lower than that of other machines, primarily because there are a lot of other players on these slots.

But this is not to say that it is impossible to get a good amount of prize money from progressive jackpot games. What one needs to do is to play their slots skillfully and wisely. Aside from being familiar with the different types of progressive jackpot games and knowing their different rules, players are advised to be on the lookout for signs that the jackpot prize is about to expire. This is because playing at an expired prize may cause players to lose more than what they can afford. Hence, it is always advisable to play progressive games in secured slots.

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